A Tasty Revamp and New Mixtape!!!

Hello mutherfuckers and Welcome to the Newerish Baddest Mofo Website!!!!!


on your right you can find an area made for clicking and tweeting…..with buttons and other quick shit to speed shit up

The Archive (Shit You Missed MOFO)

The Mixes (MOFO Mixes)

The Tweets both Button and Feed

And New Group!!! …….For Groupies!!!

and Finally the Search where you can pin point a MOFO in Seconds By typing Shit (FUCKING AMAZING)

But Thats not All Mutherfucker!!!!

Being the Mutherfucker that I am I’m working on a new Mixtape!!!

Double YAAAAAY!!

Aptly titled

The Emergency Mutherfucking Mixtape Vol 1:- DANCE MUTHERFUCKER!!!!! DANCE!!!!

Which Surprise Surprise Features Dance Music…….From The 90’s as well as now and the inbetweeny bit

so it a massive kerfuffle of sound for your listening pleasure but its gonna be mainly 90’s and good stuff

Mixed with non cliché and cliché classics

so its not for the boring irritating and stupid……

But I Would love you long time if you tweet this or our whole blog within a tweet or with one we prepared earlier

On That Note I leave you with the artwork based on Robocop’s internet pictures and stuff

Sho Nuff

I Am The Master!!!

Heres a Selection of Our Last Mixtapes

The Mutherfucking 90’s Tape Vol 1: Hip-Hop

The Mutherfucking 90’s Tape Vol 2: Garage

The Mutherfucking 90’s Tape Vol 3: RnB

and on that note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!

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