A Week of Drunkard Birthday Mayhem Followed By a Sunday Of Stupidity aka Empty Bottles, Nightclubs & Buses

Dan E Mented isn’t quite a household name yet

Money is to tight to mention nothing going on but the rent

And via a cosmic fuck up I’m No longer working for Apple, I owe my last job before that money due to them over paying me and shit is looking Grim…

JSA Awaits………. Peak*

Peak* =  The top level of depression in which bad shit already happens then happens again

Rather than allow the pit of dispear to fully cave in on me  and for me to visit the dark place of Park Bench White Lightning consumption

I decided to get my twitter on….. after all I should have done this ages ago for MILK and to be Frank I Need to keep My Mind occupied

Then Isorted Out the Website with my mate Tuesday  and Hey Presto The Baddest MOFO Is Born Over a single weekend

So amongst my new found unemployment I find myself at the range of London clubs mainly To celebrate My Sites Birthday

Drinking and covorting until the sky is a rich royal blue to the soundtrack of my mates rants about the day, general nonsensical bullshit of the early morning Free Bus and of course Mcdonalds Breakfast.

And like a relapsing Vegetarian i’ma get to the Meaty Bit of the story

Ok so it had been my birthday for a week and now it was actually Tuesdays real life birthday was on the Wednesday but we went out on Tuesday as that was his favourite day…..go figure

We leave to go clubbing

Sneaking Vodka and KA fruit Punch on the bus wasn’t the Highlight but its essential to the Call Back Humour I Told Tuesday pace your self and he Told me To Do One

Do One = Go Somewhere else, go for a walk, Jog on

We Get into club have a dance, have a drink, talked to some girls then repeated until drinking was as uncomfortable as the shoes and Chit Chat becomes some what reserved internal Struggle.

So like a trained Hawk Tuesday goes to Work…. talking and grinding his way through the crowds of females announcing both his birthday and availability to all that would listen. This went down well as the girls saw him having a good time and liked the vibe he was Oozing.

Needless to say it was his day so I merely facilitated the means of enlightenment ie got him splatfaced

A couple glasses of red wine later things are truly blurred I was all over the place pointing my camera a maniac

It Had literary Turned into Bedlam Biting Shouting girls jumping and kicking like bunch of cheerleaders

1st Bar Down on to the next one

Upon our wander to the 2nd club we meet a random brazilian dude

Tuesday Being a man of the world converses with him in Portuguese which i’m able to understand via the Medium of Drink and hear him go off on one on more than one occasion

Anyway we get to the 2nd club Smashed

the brazillian dude deserted us as if we weren’t gonna get in

Using only the power of the Blag

We Got in then raved some more tipsy as a Mutherfucker No Probs

The Brazillian guy looked Shocked ……..We looked away in disgust

We Smashed the rave to bits Got Our coats

walked through covent garden got on the bus

Tuesday Fell into the gangway of the  free bus I laughed on the inside as i picked him up

I told that mutherfucker to pace him self

The Morale of the story is this

If you prepare for the drop getting up is easy

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!!

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