Who is The Baddest MOFO?

Me innit!!!  (Bang, Bang, Bang! Reload…..Gun Tilts sideways…….)

Who is The Baddest MOFO!!!

Erm You Are……..

Here at thebaddestmofo.com we run Music, Film and Web blogs and web serials based on the worlds of Entertainment, Culture, Life and Art which are part of your recommended daily allowance. As well as entertain your arse with Media Drivel, Shizzle and Boom Ting.

We also interview people at top of their game and award them the title of The Baddest MoFo

This accolade is given to the Best of the Best, the Dynamic, Brave and The Bold. Those that dare to Dream and those that have the drive to finish what the started.

Why the Baddest MOFO?

Why in the fuck not?  The idea was born out of unemployment, boredom and a need to get out and do something about the absurdity of existence within cyberspace.

How did this happen?

Me and my mate were and still are working on a website called MILK

Music, Inspiration, Life and Knowledge

and i was setting up a twitter page for our site and I wanted the most semi offensive name so when shit was going down it’ll all run smooth as a Motherfucker

So I typed in dumb mofo which was availiable but lets be honest the novelty would wear off real quick. in my experience its never good to encourage the masses to insult you. so i then  typed in  @thebaddestmofo and it was not taken so i checked the domain neither was that……… then as if by fate/magic/Bobby Davro The Idea Of The Baddest MOFO Was Manifested

The ideas from the name alone started to manifest rapidly like I found Mogwai next to a waterfall trying to drown himself/herself (I’m pretty sure that cuddly fucker is a dude despite water acting like semen) but needless to say the ideas are here now and the baddest mofo represents a lot more then it did the the beginning. Become the idea, conquer the dream.

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