Blocking The Way Out: The Met Get Gang Injunction on 18 Year Old

Hi Mutherfuckers!!!

Now i’m not the guy that Defends Gang Activity in any shape or form In fact i’m firmly against gangs as they mean splitting up the profit
but seriously i’m anti-gang but I’m an unusually strong minded opinionated individual…. however i am against our rights being messed about with.

An 18 year old has been given the first Gang injunction under new civil orders given to the council and police. Banning them from gang activities…..These Include appearing in or producing music videos, as well as associating with other gang members. These are not against the law if breached but will be treated as contempt of court which carries 2 years and or an unlimited fine……

Now the Individual involved admitted to the charge of encouraging gang related violence through videos

which is where the grey area comes into play as its the intention vs the interpretation, which i will explain briefly

Now Youtube is a primary source of entertainment on the web that is its primary “Intention”
People have used Youtube in many ways to get their message out, To Blog, to advertise, To promote, TV Catch Up via their interpretation of the ability to upload video

Depending on the the volume of evidence which would be videos on Youtube and their views

It may Well Be 18 year Old person which i’ll Label “Kid A” intention was to incite hatred for a rival gang but its down to the interpretation of the viewer Some people watch these videos and laugh at them, some people laugh with them, but most of the kids listen to them for the “Bars” as Kids in the UK don’t always identify with the Take That’s or Plan B’s of the pop circuit…and Music is a Water Medium it just flows and fills the space no matter where it is. For example Some people like Hard Rock and heavy metal whereas some people prefer soft rock

The Procedure Is more likely to do more harm than good as gangs are rebellious Units of people and if you give them some thing to rebel against or a barrier the either find a way around it or do more extreme form of crime and are more likely to resist arrest which means the police in turn will be more likely to be fearful and endorse more armed police and everybody becomes an innocent bystander in the madness.

Essentially it’s to stop the rise of the “hood celebrity” as well as any opposing voice of the youth thats maybe an issue to the cameron regime…….and they are doing the same to Student protest leaders….its the typical conservative do as we say not what we do attitude.

Now just in case That was to boring or over wordy i have this example

This Video on youtube on the day I posted this Article had 8,389,578 Views
and involves A Child Biting another childs Finger now the Intention is a light hearted look at kids biting each other which has it’s humorous qualities to a certain degree…..however pedophiles could be watching this Video, NSPCC, Child kidnappers, Stupid people, Smart people, The Police and every single one of them could have a different take on the video that goes against the original intentions….
This like everything on youtube It has been Remixed


And Autotuned

Ok I’m aware the middle one isn’t charlie bit my finger i just like the video….NOT FUNNY!! and most of the Spoof remakes are fucking weird!!!!

Which of course is down to my interpretation of grown men biting each others fingers in baby voices to be out of my comfort zone

but alas it proves my point all because i don’t like a certain thing due to my interpretation of said thing It doesn’t give me the right to stop it, control it ….. Much like with the music some of these kids are making… a Producer of Music i could find some their Music to be Badly produced Monotonous and Uninventive and some of their Videos look like they are shot by Stephen Hawking but i know editing and producing, rapping and organising a music video show some forms of potential and takes Shit loads of time to learn…..and these gang members are doing it without the help of government funding and the police Which to some end is positive….

fair enough the names of their tracks are some what morbid like “Call it Murder Pecknarm Gangbanging Tune” “Gunshot Riddim” But I’m pretty sure gang banging and Gunshots have been around long before the tune was and the thing that’s more messed up is thats some of these kids see music as their Way Out….after all Giggs Made it…..and he was from the ends….fair enough he’s in the process of been shut down by Trident and Other Taskforces i’m Paying for as a tax payer

so if your one of the lucky ones that work and bought a ticket to his tour you have every right to be angry….like me when my house was ram raided earlier this week due to the police wanting to have the element of suprise by shouting police and smashing my Chronic Asthmatic Mum Door in with a battering ram looking for my family member who they knew weren’t in the house but “Intel depicted they had reason to believe there were drugs in the property” although “intel” is an abbreviation for intelligence and searching me in my own house and asking me who i am shows a severe lack of it. After finding nothing, sending in a sniffer dog finding nothing, leaving broken door frames, smashed front window and ravaged surrondings in their wake……oh and they’ve proberly bugged my house too as the made us all stay in my mums room whilst they went around with the dog which is completely legal just like its completely legal to find and destroy them (“,)

I Just want a simple life but somethings you can’t leave alone or ignore

First they ban you from making videos, then they blacklist for being a gang member, advising all employers and potential tennants you are a threat to society so you can’t move out the area or borough then they consistently raid the persons house they are staying with due to their advice and warrants trapping you with family/friends/legal guardian oh and then they throw you a bone by giving you a gang mentor who has to co-ordinate with the police and probation where they pressurise you to snitch or give you the stigma of being a snitch then you either shot dead by either your own gang, a rival gang or the armed police or arrested and sentanced to life or become a Crack/Smack/Weed-head and live on the streets……Yayyy!

Oh What a Wonderful Life and Brilliant System We Have in the UK

Seriously Its Fucked up they’re already trying to utilise this new form of public abuse in different ways you can look forward to website and facebook group leaders being banned from creating anti-government posts or conflicting arguments towards the way we are governed and/or policed all in the interests of the public of course…….

For fuck sake grow a pair…..please…….
You over Paranoid
Private School
Lisp Ridden
Over Controlling
Smug Hypocritical
Over Charging
Smug For No Reason
Little Dick Hobbit Fucko’s!

Shit i was just Born here, I’m not a criminal, I Work, Pay Taxes, and I don’t hurt anyone intentionally …….

I hope Boris Johnson, David Cameron, The police That Got that “Gang Injunction”, The Police that raided my house, Athena Turner,The Rest of the Conservative party all get a place on Get me out of here as they can truly suck Kangaroo Balls….

and on that Note

Enjoy yourself Mutherfuckers!!

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