Bruce Lee Mutherfucker!!!

This Mutherfucker was not only inspirational leader in the field of Martial Arts he was a Philosopher and The Baddest Action Movie Star!!!

He Studied under Yip Man (Ip Man) Getting his initial Big break with the Green Hornet. Bruce then Gained Superstardom in Asia via Golden Harvest starring in Classics Like Big Boss, Way of the Dragon and Fist of Fury Firstly then Went on to Film Game Of Death and Enter the Dragon at the Same Time after being lured back by Hollywood……well after his Wife insisted….

Bruce Lee Died On The Set of Enter the Dragon under mysterious Circumstances (Cerebral Edema).

Tragically the same fate was for his Son Brandon Lee who Died on the set of The Crow Due to a Faulty Prop

However his legend lives on via his daughter Shannon Lee and Wife Linda Lee Cadwell ….

if you wanna know more about this Cool Mutherfucker!

Study This

Jeet Kune Do

Read This

Tao of Jeet Kune Do

Watch all of this

Bruce Lee’s IMDB

The Last Dragon

Dragon: Bruce Lee Story

Don’t Watch!!!

No Retreat No Surrender

It’ll make you wanna slap the shit out of someone especially peeps with a jerri curl and red jackets

Needless to say if Bruce Lee was alive and that film like that was made it would be a very elegant poetic beating followed by a swift stomp to the throat

And Go To This

Bruce Lee Overcoming Resistance With Persistance

Bruce Lee Foundation

Bruce Lee You’s A Bad Mutherfucker!!!

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