Charlie “Mean Machine” Sheen and the Goddesses Hmmmmmm has a ring to it

Hi Mutherfuckers!

A Nanny and a Porn Star? There is no need to ever leave the house….well other than to get money and buy food…..

@Charliesheen is not Bi-Polar, Charlie Sheen is a genius

Wild? Maybe as sparky as he seems he’s Not High it’s just Him however i don’t know the dude,
Crazy? hell no…..In fact He has the right idea just Go! Has Millions in the bank and has Impeccable taste in women we’re Crazy for doing what we’re doing……
Former future Crackhead Debatable…. After all….. he passed The Drugs Tests Its Obvious he loves his family….apart from his dad….but even so he’s honest about that

He has lead a hedonistic lifestyle and more power to him at least he’s being honest, Brutally Honest
Brutally Honesty is what people don’t like…….. its scary

For example

the Rapist/Peadophile that comes Out and says Yeah I Like to to Molest/Fondle/Rape/Fist Women/Men/Children/Animals/Hermaphrodites Gets the Usual shocked Factor and People Crying going Foetal compared to those silent and violent rapey types in position of power who get let off time and time again…….. Ahem……. David Cameron….. I mean seriously no lady would lie down willingly and let him pump her would they…..but wait he’s Marrried? For Real? ok so I suppose they would…… wow thats a low blow for the feminist movement……

To some Extent i’m grateful they would do such a thing so i know who they are and thus avoid being Violated or seeing someone being violated or watch them wank. Especially now in a time In The UK they can take themselves off the Sex offenders register Because It Violate their Human Rights….. which is fine for those acquitted of said crimes after further appeal…..

Anyway Back to the point

Charlie Sheen talking about how he used to go in on 7 gram rocks in the open infront of a live studio audience and fucking his two girlfriends together, solo or watching his girlfriends do stuff to each other….. as for His kids….. he’s banging a Former Nanny; a person people pay to look after their kids…..I cannot fault the man who thinks that far ahead i Honestly can’t It’s a perfect set up

I mean it’s all to do with opinion but realistically if we had charlie sheen’s options and had charlie sheen’s life we’d be a lot more happier option wise…..

And to be Honest I’m fed up with the celebrity apology culture

Where the celebrity comes out after a scandal or mishap and gives a half hearted apology to the whole world rather than to that offended person/s

Wearing offensive clothing looking and sounding mutherfucking ridiculous (Say No Names)

Looking back there have been clangers in the past Like Hugh Grant getting caught with a Prostitute Sucking His Dick then going on Jay Leno saying “I Did A Bad Thing”…..Now in reality what he done was illegal and upsetting but morally from an objective stand point of view

He liked getting his dick sucked

Liz Hurley at the time wasn’t sucking his dick and rather than build up another relationship and get emotionally involved with another woman ie really Cheat, He Thought He’d pay the Lady and help her support herself through College/Uni/Pimp fees/rent/drug related incidents and get his dick sucked By a Semi professional Dick Sucker….WIn Win

although he’s got money and could of got a lot better but hey he might not of had a black lady do such a thing to him before and/or her prices may have been reasonable….Perhaps the hotel he was staying at didn’t allow call girls….. I dunno

Needless To Say

He Just Got Caught in a place where it is deemed illegal and because he’s a celebrity he wasn’t gonna kiss her on the lips and pretend she was his girlfriend and neither should any of you……herpes is for life people

And On that Note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers

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