Combo Combo Combo!!!

Hi MutherFuckers!

As you may know

Here at the Baddest MOFO We Have A Soft Spot

For Iconic Games

And people deranged enough to recreate classic moments like this

or even this

If You Can guess This You What this is You obviously read the title

Personally i blame the Parents
Within His Eyes of Intensity like an Elderly Lady Masturbating to Columbo
Very Disturbing
Well at least it was until i saw this

Like Glee on an LSD Trip inside Shigeru Miyamoto Mind
Much like this Trip Via iron Man’s

And On that Bomb Shell

Capcom and the common practice of “diluted” “incomplete” games via My Blogger of the Week

To Be Fair He Does Have a point
Developers are lazy and need to be pulled up and shouted at from time to time especially when they mess with our emotions

The only Exception Being Fallout developers Bethesda……..I Love and Hate You Guys for making me wait around like a lonely housewife begging for DLC……(Nerd for Down Loadable Content…… Although best alternate description within the comment section below gets MFBR; My Full Blown Respect which cannot be bought)

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and on that note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!!

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