Dan E mented 90’s Tape! Volume 1!!! Mutherfuckers!!!

Remember the last time you liked a tune…….

no really try to remember

yes you have to go back to the 1990’s

even if you were born in the 90’s

so before you get weepy eyed and remember the innocence of youth

combined with your current hate for nowadays music not being as good

or the general dissapointment of switching on the radio to hearing nothing but nikki manaj and young money

not that the music is trash its that we’re used to such a high quality of hip-hop before

Its like going from

Robinsons High Juice to a plain plastic coke bottle of spat out water and lemon juice

Like Old Whitney to New Old Crack Rehab Whitney

like Rambo 1 to The Expendables

Like Big Breakfast to Daybreak

Like Raving to dead out!!

Something needs to change

so I’m going to put out a range of mixes starting with hip-hop first then who knows

90’s All DAY!!!!!


and On That Note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!!

  2 comments for “Dan E mented 90’s Tape! Volume 1!!! Mutherfuckers!!!

  1. November 15, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    i like

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