Food & Drinks Biatch!!!

this shit is amazing

KA Fruit Punch

First Flavour launch in 20 years and the Mutherfucker is delicious like Fizzy Cool Aid With a Bag of Sugar and less consequence than Bigga

If You Don’t Know Now You Know


tequila and beer in one bottle Perfect sense Brewed in France WTF? needlesss to say its Smashing!! (Drink responsibly)

Sunkist Summer Fruits

Its Nice Trust Like Backing Kia Ora mixed fruit Straight from the bottle with Fizz and less worry

This is a Next level of Boom Ting Almost as good as cooking it from scratch Really Mutherfucking Tasty good with Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Pork and vegetables keep in cupboard its needed

Eat Well and Drink Well


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