Hopefully its not gonna be as weak as their singing…..

JLS launched a Condom Line The Other Day……..

So those that never used to fuck with X-factor singers

Can Now do So……

in a variety of Flavours…..

However its the first time a pop band have attempted to make money of being on Dickheads as well as being Dickheads

fair play it does promote safe sex in the sense if a girl brought those out her purse it’ll be hard for me to function

The Gay Guys however might have  other ideas could be profitable

Needless to say they are not the only celebrity to launch a sex product

and won’t be the last

50 cent has his condoms as well

Rammstien Have dildos

and that all I could take after i typed Celebrity Sex products into google
ok 1 more
and on that note
Enjoy the video
and Yourself  Mutherfuckers!!

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