I’m Here MUTHERFUCKER!!!! A New Unsigned Project From The Baddest MOFO!!!!!

Can You do any of the the following?

Sing, Rap, Dance, Swear, Write, Fight,  Tell Jokes (like a comedian),  Get Drunk/High,  Stay Sober,  Drive,  Buy Stuff, Wake Up, Fall Asleep, Listen to Music?

Ok I’m Gonna Be Honest its only a select few from the above list we are looking to exploit for this promotion….the fighting is for the second one

Essentially we are looking to do a Mix similar to to the ones with done before but with Emerging UK and US Talent being at the forefront

So Imagine Shouting, Skits, Fresh New Music With No Kid TV Presenters, just our Foul Mouthed Big Giant Dough Man and a bunch of ideas put in to a neatly packaged Podcast/MP3 Thingy.

And I’m Gonna Be Honest Currently Theres No Payment to be on the mix but I Dan E Mented will be sifting through all of the music to get the best bits…..like the Man From Del Monte and If I Say Yes Good Things Will Happen as a Result unlike the real man from Del Monte…..







and I’m Not gonna Go SYCO On you…I mean i barely qualify to work and he has loads more money……….at the moment…..I shall be patient then strike in his weakest hour

Anyway this All this shit is distracting you

Heres The Main Vein I’m Looking For Talented Mutherfuckers who are funny charismatic and exciting!!!  People Who love to rock a crowd!!!!

Send an MP3 of the stuff you want to be considered to danemented@thebaddestmofo.com  or a link to your Myspace, Bandcamp, Website, Drug Dealer/Social Worker/Probation Officer by December the 29th 2010


More Mixes Coming Soon!!!!! And By that I Mean End Of November!!!!!

Take It Easy And Share the Love And By that I mean paste this link not love your fellow man although you should proberly do that too

and on that note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!!!!

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