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Ever seen some Shit thats Crazy and thought
“Oh shit i’ve just seen some Crazy Shit I need to tell everybody!!!!”

Why not Become a MOFO Corespondent?

What the Fuck Is a MOFO Corespondent?

well it means mutherfucking corespondent

What the fuck is a corespondent?

Well if I have to explain that then you shouldn’t be one but alas Information is gained by opening up the channel so a corespondent is a person who has information and is accredited for suppling info by the means of a simple Big up or Goodies

Also corespondents Have a chance to join our growing press team

Which at the moment ranges to about 10 billion as anyone can submit a story but only a few make the cut

and fair enough people can just blog about whatever they want and do it themselves

But The Baddest MOFO is a brand and we don’t care if the blog is written by the queen we like cool, witty, funny, videos that either make us laugh or think as well as music, movies, and games we like playing. and if the queen isn’t writing bout that then we are not interested

We’re not loaded with adverts and Pop Up surveys for a reason We don’t like spam with everything or in everything we do

Sure there a fine line between such things such as promo and super blitzing social media and to be frank we have to pay the bills somehow

so @thebaddestmofo we Offer Optional Articles, a Click it if you like it Mantra for a mature over 18 audience that doesn’t involve Porn, Snuff or Hate Groups of Mass Destruction

We have a Group, We have a Facebook page, we have a website, ands we make Our own content show some cool videos play some cool music and now we are offering a platform to Spam haters

and just so you know

Our website is the top in google searches

Black Dynamite is second

Sho’Nuff is third

In reference to The Baddest MOFO


so Get to Know innit

and on that note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!!

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