Lion, My glitch and My Old Wardrobe

Happy new year mutherfuckers

I know i haven’t been on line for a while however this is about to be explained in detail so i’m not saying sorry as such.

ok the beginning

ok i watched the money programme with Robert Kiozaki; the guy that wrote the rich dad poor dad book

no wait the begining is i bought an imac to something creative as i was bored and needed change (yeah i think thats it)

I was working for swatch at the time and i found it boring , not that any other job isn’t as boring or is more exciting but change at that time was needed as i was unhappy

I went from freelance cameraman/work placement at island universal working at virgin megastores leading the island urban street team to redundant ex-boyfriend within the space of a week…..sigh

Then I was the job centers bitch for about 8 months being signed on and several times then I got my old job back (which was across the road from my old work place) climbing my way back up the ladder clawing from stockroom to magazines to the fabled game section then was pipped at the post for supervisor but i just settled for  zavvi/virgin game expert as it allowed me to do other stuff. then i got made redundant again….even bigger sigh

so i signed on for about 4 months handed out cv was called for the senior sales position at swatch nailed the interview and went from west end redundant super bum to east london supervising watch tinkerer in a fish tank…..great

so during my epic time there i learned alot about running a business, customer service and watch repair mainly because the majority of the time i was by my self in a tube station outlet fixing watches…hustling doughnuts from Krispy Kreme and reading alot with no toilet or staff room…such fond memories

so i thought i’d get back on my pedal bike and start filming again as i liked doing that to with my media background, desire for change, and current limitations on pc

I Bought an imac

and applied to apple nailed the 3 interviews and was fired due to me being late twice during the probation period because i agreed to travel to white city  (1 and a half hour journey via central line the most unreliable line or 2 hour bus journey with good traffic) which i wouldn’t of applied for had i known there was one opening up in covent garden which i wouldn’t know as apple do not announce where they are opening shops to non apple employees (looks down shakes head)

so i signed on for 2 months

got another job reapplied to apple got to the interview late as it was at a hotel, i had a blackberry but luckily a guy with an ipad gave me directions got in there  and it was for the stratford store which is also a 2 hour bus journey and an hour and a half tube/dlr journey and it was birthday (looks down walks off  swears a little calls up mates gets drunk shares story so far)

so ultimately i decided to accept my current job as my job its flexi time and i’m starting to get good at it i bought an iphone as an upgrade and a reminder to use whats around me and to be happy with what i have…

needless to say certain things happened at work and certain things caused me to question wether or not i am being set up so i decided to set up a corporation as i’m tired of being hired, fired, being made redundant and accused of shit i haven’t done…..then my imac breaks

now my audio cable was playing up before and now my screen had a madness on it…….worst yet now i have to take imac to apple store and pay as i never got apple care due to the shame of being fired, the first year being free and being hired by apple and supposedly getting said service for free but not getting it as i was fired within 2 months……anywho i accept that its out of warranty and accept i have to pay for the diagnostics, i call my friend to pick me up which he does with his brother and they take the piss out of me the entirety of the journey, 1 being critical of my apple scarring ie laughing at my pain which i am currently sorting and the other mocking my past inability to drive and how he knows the quickest route to covent garden the nearest apple store…….sigh

so i get there around 20 minutes early which i am gratetful for, however theres an increased chance that i might be spotted by someone i knew and now i’m the obvious dude sitting down with the imac 20 minutes before his appointment and i’m asked my name and usual details and then it dawned on me i changed my details due to another person with my exact name works for another store at the same time as me…….what are the odds now i don’t want a mix up situation where my imac is sent to another dudes with my names house who i don’t know and then  i remember my email is on the system about 4 or 5 times one as a mac buyer, one as zavvi customer which for some reason was in my friends name , one as a former employee and one as a iphone customer and it a madness

so to clear up the initial confusion i just said listen my email is on there like  4 or 5 times  cos i used to work at white city etc etc i just want to see what wrong with it pay you because its out of warranty to look at it and just go home….simple

i get a receipt telling me what they are investigating ie the screen and audio issue just in case they are connected call back time 48 hours which i thought was strange as it was the run up to christmas and it might be get busy

5 days pass and nothing no phone call, email or even a text so i call up to say i’m coming in on the thursday (8th working day) to see what going on as i have waited double the time and haven’t heard anything

i’m semi pissed that its taken so long for them to run a diagnostic check on my computer and that they haven’t called to say there a slight delay with it so if they say sorry  i’ll be miffed but i’ll understand afterall i used to work for apple i was fired for being late and slow (so i have no real right to tell you how to do your job but i kinda do as it wasn’t done) its a busy time of year (christmas) and i’ve dealt with difficult customers before and i just wanna break even ie pay for the service and go

now in retrospect i can see the context for what it is….. but upon delivery after asking to speak to a manager having my email on the system several times saying i used to work there saying i have dealt with difficult customers……Queue the rabble people running around me, me leaving my mac with them being super apologetic, me being called by the shop stating how they are gonna deliver it over christmas, arrange to pick it up after and repair it for the diagnostics price, me paying my nephew to sign for it,  my mum being id to sign for it, me giving them chocolate offering to pay and can’t as the repair has been deleted or under one of 4 emails and fixing it myself by buying lion and installing it…..but because i paid for it in cash, my name went on the system again……

typical christmas….

Then i read rich dad poor dad and started my own company MOFO ME

and on that note

enjoy yourself

Heres my Card


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