Lord No Make Her Stop!!!!!

We at the baddest Mofo want name and addresses of both involved

as the are wanted for murder

murder of eyesight

like mr motivator

got with an albino barney

in daisy dukes

Over wrong

maybe this

should be used at the next  carnival….

especially on kids day

What were they thinking!!!!

Have Mercy My Eyes

Disclaimer: the guy in the video is not to our knowledge is mr motivator and the lady can not be barney the dinosaur no matter how much she looks like him however it could be his sister or his mum or a horrible experiment like in alien resurrection

where Friendly Dinosaur and Female Human have been spliced to become a full blown torture machine in Guantanamo bay

Singing, Dancing and Moaning that you haven’t said hello yet or Noticed Her Hair whilst you crawl around in a gimp mask  and drink piss…….

and that not to say that all women are evil. Its just some are and they work for the government and in this case she work for waste management (geddit)

Ok Enough being mean what happened today was a tragedy and a feat of human athletics by the Mr Motivator Lookalike  he was one drunk roll from a crushed pelvis

He’s either brave or a fool but you saw him move quick when he felt the momentum shift  towards him rolled back quicker than a rewind.

but I hope we have all learned from this…..sometimes we get drunk and want to meet a woman/man we like. we plan like crazy then the drink throws you into auto pilot into the nearest troll……so surround your self with fit people to avoid mistakes!!!

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!

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