Mighty Morphing, Wears Lycra, ….but not Gay or to be fucked with apparently

Memories  of Angel Grove tarnished forever…..

But for those that don’t know the Of the Power Rangers there was 6 to give a fuck about…..

well originally






and Zack

and i wondered What their up to now…..

I Stumbled on this video above which to be honest is hillarious

then I thought

What About the Green Ranger

God Damn Tommy!

then i thought what are the others doing……well apparently the black ranger is  actually working a lot

check this out

Black Rangers IMDB

So Is the Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger IMDB

and as for the blue ranger

hes just lazy

Blue Ranger IMDB

and the yellow Ninja Died  :-(

Yellow Ranger

well just to show there are worse things then that

for you viewing Displeasure

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle vs Power Rangers


Ok i’ll leave on a fun Note

Enjoy yourself Mutherfuckers!!

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