MOFO-ING Movies Part 1: Hip-Hop and Black 80’s-00’s Cinema AKA Hood Movies 101

Hi Mutherfuckers

Its been a while since new content has popped up on the site and as you may or not know Time Waits for no man!

Now What should of popped up in your head is House Party 2……

If not I shall fix You…..I Fix Everything

If i Don’t You’ll be bound to turn into Geraldo and start going Rico Suave On Us (Just So You Know This wasn’t cool ever Even In the 90’s)

OK  it was a little…….

along with Snow and Vannila Ice Haircuts (Check Out The Video)

But We Were Young, and more than happy to rebel against the norm…….

In fact it was popular to be different then ……

Well different to your Parents…….

Other wise the ridicule would be so immense

well It was more or less the same but Youtube makes it more convenient and accessible…..

It Used To be a Big mouthed Kid On The Block Shouting Their Mouth Off With a Jingle like “[Insert Name]’s It, and they smell of shit” or words to that grandeur

I remember when people were getting excited about WAP and you could actually get reception to send texts

Anyway on to the List That’ll make you Cool or if your cool already, Cooler

OK The List is broken down into  groups due to the massive areas I have to cover…and its not gonna happen overnight After All if your knowledge is lacking in a certain areas awwww fuck it…..

it’s your problem

1st Category  is The Classic Hip Hop/Black Origin cinema During the 1980’s Through to nowadays otherwise known as Hood Movies

From Which A Basis of slang and terms of endearment are gathered from and Hood Life derives from…..

These spanned from Drama to Horror and even Comedy primarily during the 1990’s and will be Today’s lesson

#Films To Watch

Knights of the City aka Cry of The City (Very Hard To Get hold Of I remember the name can’t remember that I’ve watched It)

You Got Served (Despite all the controversy on the members of B2K, Marques Houston, and Chris Stokes Its a good Dance Movie)

Krush Groove (Classic)

Wild Style (Classic)

Breakin 1 & 2 (Classic)

Beat Street (Classic)

Cool As Ice (Quite Shite But has To Be Watched)

Hammer (Long arse Music Video even for then)

House Party 1 & 2 (3 Was Shit Can Only Be Enjoyed Under The Influence)

Class Act (Kid n Play’s Funniest Film)

Juice (Raw Gritty Powerful and Epic….ok that last one was too far But it’s Up there as a Must See)

The Wash (Dre in Richard |Pryor Remake Should Work but is only mildly funny ok it’s pretty funny)

Jason’s Lyric (Decent Drama With Young Jada Pinkett)

Poetic Justice (Black road trip With 2-Pac and Janet Jackson, What Could Possibly Go Wrong……..?)

Dangerous Minds (Students in Rival Gangs, What Could possibly Go Wrong…..?)

187 (Samuel L Jackson As a Teacher, What Could Possibly Go Wrong……?)

Sister Act 2 (Whoopi Goldberg teaching Lauryn Hill and City High Frontman to Sing…….you Know the ones that sung What Would you do and Caramel….. Cha Click the Link It was ok at the Time I suppose)

How High (Red n Meth At Their Best)

High School High (Decent Comedy Spoofing Dangerous Minds Mainly Made By The Makers of Naked Gun)

Friday (Optional Follow Ups:-Next friday,All About the Benjamins and Friday after Next)

My Baby’s Daddy

Bad Boys (Optional Follow Up Bad Boys 2)

Above The Rim (B-Ball Drama)

Coach Carter (B-Ball Drama)

Love And Basketball (B-Ball Romantic Drama)

Any Given Sunday (American Football Drama)

White Men can’t Jump (Optional follow Up Money Train)

New Jack City (Nino Brown Is A Bad Mutherfucker)

Passenger 57 (Black Die Hard 2…..With Kicking and Wesley Snipes)


New Jersey Drive

Menace II Society

Boyz In Da Hood

Don’t Be A Menace to society Whilst Drinking your juice in Tha Hood (Don’t Be a Menace)

I’m Gonna Get You Sucka!!!

South Central

CB4 (Chris Rock Classic)

How To Be A Player

Fear Of A Black Hat

Tales From Da Hood

Dead Presidents (No English Trailer However Here’s The official Track By The Late Isaac Hayes “Walk On By” My Favourite Version)

Full Clip (RFB Really Fucking Bad, But no other Film has had more know rapper in it since krush groove, but still really fucking bad, So Bad theres No Trailer)

Paid In Full (Based On A True Story…..Needs To Be Watched)

Baby Boy

In Too Deep (Couldn’t find a trailer that wasn’t in German so here’s 50 Cent’s Track To The Film)

Hustle And Flow (Completely Unrealistic Portrayal of Underground Hip-Hop in the Deep South…..well I Fucking Hope It Is Film Is Fucking Retarded ethic Wise…….But alas It’s Very Entertaining)

Crash (Cool Film Thought You Should Watch It)

The Last Dragon (Ultimate Warrior Classic)

Pootie Tang (Sah Da Tay)

No Retreat, No Surrender (Really Fucking Bad but has to be watched for 80’s related insults)


Higher Learning

When We Were Kings

8 Mile

Bones (Snoop is really bad in this Even worse in Hood Of Horror)

State Property

Soul Plane

Paper Soliders

Streets is Watching (Hip-Hop Musicial featuring the Rocafella Crew)

Booty Call

Low Down Dirty Shame


Meteor Man

Blank man

Space Jam

Undercover Brother

Half Baked

American Gangster


Training Day

Deep Cover

Rush Hour (Optional Follow Up: Rush Hour 2 & 3)


Belly (Hype Williams Debut and only film……thank fuck for that)

Mo Money

Dave Chappelle Block Party



American History X

Spike lee Joints;

Mo better BluesDo The Right Thing, Bamboozled, Crooklyn, Clockers, Inside Man, Malcolm X (More to be Covered in Article Mutherfucker I know What I’m Doing Influential directors 101)

Eddie Murphy Films

From 48 hrs to Nutty Professor 2 Is Cool apart from Holy Man that Sucked Balls (will cover in More detail in Future Article Legends Of Mutherfucking Comedy)

Richard Pryor Films

Car Wash, Brewsters Millions, Harlem Nights etc (will cover in More Detail in Future Article Legends Of Mutherfucking Comedy)

Bernie Mac Films

Way Too Many But one of my favourites is Bad Santa (will cover in More Detail in Future Article Legends Of Mutherfucking Comedy)

Ok That Should Do Ya until I do the other Article

And On That Note

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers

and Happy Mutherfucking New Year!!!

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