TMM Vol 1 DJ Paul Rumcream

Hello Mutherfuckers!

Welcome to The Mutherfucking Mixtape or TMM For short

A section where We at The Baddest MOFO explore Music, Review Music, and have a Mix from a Local/Known/Popular/Hated/Underated/Overrated

Also were looking for feedback so if you like it say so and if you don’t fuc…..I mean we’ll look into it! (Fucking Sponsors)

Which Reminds Me Today show is Sponsored by  Ghettorade

If You’s a thirsty…………

You know what……..

Fuck that and Fuck them!! I Told You Mutherfuckers I wanted KA Fruit  Punch But Nooooooooo!

Ghettorade this! Ghettorade that!

I feel To Stab A Mutherfucker up in this Mutherfucker to show this Mutherfucker don’t make no kind of Mutherfucking sense

There all chinese in the video!!!!  and their all dropping the N-Bomb!!!  Fuck Em !!!! Fuck Em All!!!!

(Opens Bottle)

Actually This Ghettorade ain’t that bad like water and skittles

Back To the routine!!!!

This week Mix is done By DJ Paul Rumcream Producer/DJ

Lets us Know What You Think to win a free case of Ghettorade!!

Now This Week’s Mutherfucking News

So In the world of Hip Hop

50 Cent is also adopting mongrels breaking their legs and calling them Oprah and punking Lloyd Banks

TI is being the butt of DL Hughley’s jokes

In the World of Music

Must be the Music crowns Its First Champion in the Shape of  Emma’s Imagination

American Idol Confirms J-Lo and Steve Tyler As New Judges

In The World of Money

Easydate is Getting a Warning From Stellios Easygroup

Jay-z Talks Money Music and Life With Forbes

And the world of BS

Elmo answers Questions on Youtube

This has been @DanEMented

Reporting for @TheBaddestMOFO

Enjoy Yourself Mutherfuckers!!!

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