New year same issues

Hi mutherfuckers!!!

Happy new year!!

I hope it’s been eventful and shizzle!!

Now not to get sentimental on some bullshit I thought I hit you with the facts currently I’m single, 30 without child, relatively impoverished, self educated and from South London. Crazy right….

So in a bid to shrug off the feeling of non change and to welcome opportunity I’m willing to change 1 factor which is to get the relatively impoverished status to a relatively ok status…. I’m not that greedy (couldn’t think of a way to do so before I suppose) I just need a couple zeros added to my pence.

Then I’ll continue to come up with ridculous names for my future children keeping in mind my real surname is clark and it’s mainly to mess with people.

Like Running Bear, Kent, Bumba, Yournameis, Enrico, Sancez, Kurt…

Just to name a few

Any better names just let me know via the fb or #MofoChildNames the most awesome one shall make my actual 1st born child!!!!!


May the best mutherfucker win!!!!

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