Small Stories

Day 25: Training is going well

So how many Midgets Does it take to beat a camel in a relay race? Thats easy….


4 right? 2 for each hump They look so proud after Like it was a life long dream fufilled!! Years of training, Constant Montages for a  Such adversity such triumph gotta love it The Underdog (little guys) Beating the confused Camel (Steve)

Say what!! These Mutherfuckers come in Bite Size?

Steve With Team Mates Bill and daphne and German Coach Fritz

Just read This

Lion vs 42 Midgets


No Little people Were Injured In During This Article

but if they were They would be very fucking stupid and

would deserve to die……Its a Fucking Lion!!!

A Lion!!!!! ————->

....I Would like to Announce my Retirement from Lion Fighting!

But alas little people can throw down with the best of them

Yeah Little man goes by the nickname of Hulk Hands Smashing from 1:35!!!

Enjoy yourself Mutherfuckers!!!

Why Is he So Fucking Angry!

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