The Break Up 101 Pour Homme et Neo amour for Beginners

Ok So Valentines Day has been and gone
your Either Happy or Unhappy
Happy about Being Happy Or Unhappy about being unhappy
either way, anyway or as you like

these are the vital days after a sex bomb event
“Birthday” and “Christmas” are fairly easy but “valentines day” and “anniversaries” can be difficult depending on what you did/didn’t do and what type of lady she is……….

Type 1 She Cares
Type 2 She Pretends She Doesn’t care But Actually Cares

Do Not Procastinate Prepare from December for a successful valentines day attack

Now its not expense to a certain degree you need to concerntrate on Its Thought, Passion and execution…….

Now I’m not saying go full frontal Don Juan on the lady it can be as simple as paying for her haircut, doing some thing naughty, or sound proofing the walls

Ladies don’t ever give an easy answer to their problems but one thing i have learned over the years post valentines day survival is crucial to wether or not you relationship is going any where

Guys that get it wrong 9 times out of 10 are toyed with then they are destroyed
the 10 percent that do it on purpose are kept on so they can suffer a souless marriage ladies Can be evil when they want to be……but alas

I hope I’m not too late

what day is it…….?

Oh Shit

And on that note

Be careful Mutherfuckers…….

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