The Inspiration of no Inspiration

Recently I’ve Over Come my Key Stages of Boredom ie the bullshit phase in which A writer like myself hits a Metaphorical wall

Firstly look back at what you have done remind yourself what your capable of

Then try to think of  something similar……

Something great

Then go Deeper

What Drives You


What gives you momentum

What deep down emotion are you holding back

find it and release it……..


That was the BS Version heres the Real Version

Sometimes…….Shit Happens then Happens again.  Some shit is forgotten about but Overall Shit is Shit and before you’ve realised your in a whole heap of Fuckery from being in the shit. Ultimately this will have a knock on effect on your creativity blocking you sub-consciously and will stop shit getting done. To avoid this shit work at what you are doing and be the best you can at it, pay no attention to the outcome, results are for everybody else…… the goal is improvement. You can Only get better! now go out there and Fuck it up!!

And on that note

Enjoy yourself Mutherfuckers!!

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