The Player, The Game, And How to Completely Fuck It Up!!

Hi Mutherfuckers!

Ok this sounds like the usual controversial beef but here some advice for both the man dem and gyal dem under the form of relationships……

I will do this with illustrations  and highly obvious headlines for the benefit of audience.

Starting Up
Don’t talk about the ex ever
Don’t ask about the ex ever
Don’t talk to the ex ever (Unless they got that good shit)
Don’t eat at some waste place…. eat nice
Respond to questions after the other persons spoken unless they are chatting shit
Never Cancel the 1st date/sleepover/blow job/Dry Hump Marathon … its mean. especially halfway through

I Once Heard That its not cheating until you get caught/confess. Which is a fair point,  if you could get away with it you’d be having your cake and eating it too.

However this also means you’ll have two or more people on your case wanting your time and such which at the start inflates your ego dramatically but quickly gets irritating.

In my younger years of madness i had an event where i was openly courting two females with no problem as it was new refreshing experience as i was always on the bull crap before of find a girl settle down get married have a family.  So they were both asking questions about what gyals do I like and what are my plans for my life?

(only to say music really its really hard to get a job in that industry and you should play me a track sometime despite me directing them to my myspace beforehand…fuck all that)

Two of which are the dumbest questions a girl can ask

First question what sort of girls do i like… OK perhaps its a genetic response in which a girl responds to a moment of insecurity with a fishing line sentence to make herself feel better ie; get you (man dem) to say something nice about you were destined to be with her and how you were born for her…….
I’m usually an honest in relationships but i cannot help but to fuck with the answer with with either these responses…

Your Mother
Your Best Friend
Your Sister
That chick over there
Some Random Buff Female celebrity

followed by “i would bend her up and fling her like a gymast around my pummle horse”

Which usually gets the desired shocked effect

....Yeah I'll Make Her Dismount of That Mutherfucker too

Second question what are my plans

I usually respond  i’m ….

..going to leave you

..not telling you just incase it doesn’t work out

….top secret.. if i told you they’ll get you

…really bored wanna make out

…going to have to ask yours first (then write everything down and suddenly run off)

morale of the story is this the truth hurts and don’t ask a question you don’t want answered

I Fell, then she fell this is sooooo embarrassing


Things not to say

Don't Say Shit!!!!

Hey Babes…its not what it looks like

Hey Babes…5 more minutes

Hey Babes..I love you so much!!

…it was a mistake

Did you get the shopping?

…funny story i was tired and said i wanted to go to bed and they were tired also and didn’t want to be alone downstairs so i said ok but i have only one bed.  so we shared the bed but it was really warm cos there was two of us so we stripped  off our remaining clothes as for me being on top of them i heard the door open downstairs so i want to make sure they were awake  hence the shouting noise and the jumping on the bed…..

…see what happens when your not here to protect me! this person jumped through the window when i was naked and masturbating! this looks so bad! they insisted on cleaning me up too,  i mean i can do that myself…..then they started to say its good for the skin one thing lead to another..

She's So Angry!!!!

I'm So Fucking Hungry!!!!

Things to say or do for revenge

…leave without saying nothing

if your a girl (fart) if your a guy (piss or buss a nut on the door handle)

fuck someone else and dash the jimmy hat at their window/car/parent/dump in fish bowl a la kidulthood

Not get the shopping

Hopefully this will help at least 1 tortured soul as for the revenge bit the majority of them are illegal especially the girls farting and  the ejaculation throwing…..  I just said that shit cos its funny and the two chick thing never happened… it was 4 girls
I’m a Mutherfucking Pimp I Don’t Have your problems…
but typing irritates the shit out of me and that story would be way to long (“,)
Relationships are meant to be fun, exciting and sexy! A  ting is just a ting establish this from the beginning and you’ll be cool
Misconceptions will mess up everything!
Just be honest with everything from the Beginning
and On that note
Enjoy Your Yourself Mutherfuckers!

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  1. October 24, 2010 at 4:29 am

    ghost ride that whip

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